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Facing The Precipice: Why The World Needs Donald Trump

   Hello again my kind readers, I'd like to start by just thanking you for clicking my links and coming to my blog. The mission that we are on is both a dangerous one and a essential one for the integrity of our Great Society and Western Civilization. As we get closer to the Presidential Election a few points need to be made that I think the average person is missing. In this article I will attempt to bring the attention of you the reader to some issues you should keep in mind as election day draws nearer.

   The average person has never heard of the "Bilderberg Group" or what its function is. Most people do not understand the influence and power of The Council On Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission for that matter. I implore you all to do some research into these groups and similar round table groups so that you can fully understand the level at which us as a people are being bombarded by Pro Globalist Propaganda and Psy-Op Warfare. The same people that belong to these groups are also heavily invested in and are part of the Establishment Media machine and also involved with secretive Global Banking Cartels. The reason I call these special interests "secretive" is because they are largely allowed to operate in the open due to the fact the Establishment Media refuses to expose the treachery and villainous activities they are embroiled in. The average American has no idea that there is an entire class of people whom have aligned themselves to destroy the American way of life and to shatter the Great Republic that our forefathers created. This is no coincidence in fact this is all part of a very carefully planned and orchestrated take down of Western Civilization so that a new system can replace it. Not a great and genuine system but a system of control devised solely for the purpose of global dominance and a centralized global power that would in effect leave most of the world impoverished and dying as the Elites live off the populace. For the average person this might seem a bit far fetched and "Conspiratorial" but lets just take a look at some of the evidence around us.

   The European Union was largely created in a series of secret trade deals which were negotiated without the general consent of each respective countries populace. The individual countries inside the E.U. are now subject to the decrees of a centralized bureaucracy in Brussels that only seems to care about consolidating its own power and redistributing wealth and resources as they see fit. The leadership in Brussels is bringing the whole of Europe on the brink of economic and social collapse. The United Kingdom has successfully managed to vote its way out of the European Union but it is too soon at the time this is written to know exactly what the ramifications of that will be. Hopefully with a Donald Trump Presidency we will see greater ties with our closest global ally. The truth is that the "Europa" model has become the blueprint for creating large power blocs across the globe that can be controlled by a centralized governing body such as the United Nations. The real reason why NAFTA and TPP and other trade deals like this are so dangerous to our Republic is that they are designed to hand over Sovereignty and instruments of wealth and production over to multinational corporations and banking cartels and are there to lay the groundwork for creating a North American Union.  This is something that The Council On Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg have been feverishly working towards since their inception.

   The Establishment Media Machine was created for the implicit purpose of furthering the agenda of The Globalist Cabal through social engineering and psychological warfare. This may seem like a far fetched conspiracy theory but it is a theory that is based on cold hard facts. Here is a video showing CNN doing Fake Iraq War coverage.

The real and true intentions behind the Gulf War are a topic for another post, but I just wanted to show you some examples of this Establishment Media Machine in action.

Those were just a few examples of which there are many on YouTube of the Establishment Media Machine lying and fabricating stories and scripting reports and news stories.

   It should not be a surprise that the people who own and run the Establishment Media Machine are controlled by the Bilderberg Group. This is the same group of people that brokered a deal between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton back during the 2008 election cycle that saw Hillary Clinton step aside for Barack Obama to become President with the promise that she would receive the Presidency during the 2016 election cycle. Both candidates met in secret at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly Virginia. 
 Here is a video of the Press being flown across the country away from the secret meeting.


  With these facts laid out one can see that the real reason the Establishment Media Machine has aligned itself against Donald J Trump has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with the fact that he does not prescribe to the ideals and agenda of The Globalist Cabal which is comprised of groups like Bilderberg, The Council On Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and the Global Banking Cartel. Donald Trump has taken a stance against the unfair and criminal trade deals being signed by our "elected officials" which hand over our nations Sovereign rights to a global group which seeks to consolidate and redistribute power, money, and resources. For most of his life Donald Trump has taken an "America First" mentality and vision which endangers all of the work that these vile and evil people have been doing. These are people that believe in Eugenics and Mass Murder, wars for profit and the rewriting of history. This is the true nature of what The American People and the people of the world are facing. We are facing the attempted takeover of the free world by a radical group of people with only their interests in mind.

   Do you ever stop and wonder why it is that the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox has taken such a dislike towards Donald Trump? It has nothing to do with some carefully cherry picked sound bite and everything to do with the fact that Donald Trump's policies would endanger the very agenda Fox worked with George Bush to promote, The North American Union. This is the real reason why globalists like the Bush Family, Vicente Fox, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch and countless others have come out against Donald Trump. The hidden shadow government that currently has the reigns of power over The United States is part of a much larger and sinister group which has been pushing to create a One World Government. The New World Order.

   This country needs Donald Trump and people like him who are willing to stand up against the agenda of The Globalist Cabal. We find ourselves in a place in time which will define the future world we will all live in. Electing and continuing to elect politicians and officials that have aligned themselves with this evil group has led our country to one of its most dire times. This is why you are seeing 24/7 negative news coverage of Donald Trump while the media cleans up the lies and crimes of Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The power they wield is so great that they are actively engaging in Voter Fraud and actively blocking the Justice Department from seriously investigating these criminals. Donald Trump literally is the human embodiment of true Americana and is diametrically opposed to the agenda of the New World Order. Every single time Donald Trump gives a speech or an interview or a press conference he speaks out against the agenda of the Cabal and pushes the media to speak on topics that they would rather not be reporting on. He has pushed issues like the 2nd amendment, Gun Control, Media Manipulation, Vote manipulation, the arming and funding of anti American terror groups, the collusion of foreign interests and corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, states rights, parenting and education rights and has above all drawn attention to the fact that The Bush Family colluded with the Saudi Crown to perpetrate what has got to be the most disgusting False Flag attack of all time.. 9/11. With that being said I would like to reiterate the fact that this is precisely the reason why we must work to elect Donald Trump to the Presidency. This is a man who is literally endangering his life every time he opens his mouth and speaks out against the Globalist Cabal. The renewed freedom our country would attain from having him as President could literally be a death blow to this evil agenda and would be a shot heard around the world by freedom fighters across the planet. At the end of the day Donald Trump is the only Presidential Candidate that can pull us away from the grip of The Globalist Cabal and usher in a new Golden Era of prosperity for not just the United States, but the whole world.

Here is some reading material and some videos you should read and watch.


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