Thursday, August 18, 2016

Follow The Money: Hillary Clinton & Pay For Play

  The Mainstream Media Machine has tried to do all that it can to cover up the fact that Hillary Clinton used the Clinton Foundation along with her husband Former President Bill Clinton to launder money and funnel in donations in exchange for favorable deals from the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. It is hard to believe that in the age of the Internet we still have people doubting the veracity of these claims. Most of what went down while Hillary was in control of the State Department was largely unreported by the Mainstream Media Machine until documentaries and investigative journalists pushed the issue. Several leaks have also lead to the discovery of outside influence on Hillary's State Department. Here is a rather large list of articles and information concerning Hillary Clinton's extreme corruption.



  I highly recommend you watch this documentary because it is a damning expose of the corruption at the Clinton Foundation.

There is literally so much information and content available on this topic its almost sickening that the mainstream media seems to be ignoring this. If any other Presidential Candidate was involved in this type of corruption their career would be over and they would be prosecuted. There is no reason why both Bill and Hillary Clinton should be held to a different standard than the rest of society. If they care about the people as much as they say they do they should be willing to receive the punishment for their actions. Here are some more articles..

Alright folks, please explore these links and videos and share them for the world to see. When a libtard Hillary Troll comes at you with disinformation you have plenty of weapons in your arsenal to fire back!

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