Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hacktivists: Exposing The Globalists

  As the Global Elite continue to manipulate the masses, the Hacktivist has become one of the most important warriors in the information war against the Technocracy. In recent days and months we have seen many of the most revealing and compromising information leaks come out into the day light.
  In the arena of Politics and Geopolitics hacktivists have been making huge strides in the exposing of corruption and collusion between governments, global foundations, NGO's, the media, and the Global Banking Cartel. The DNC Leak story which broke just days before the Democratic National Convention painted a picture of corruption and collusion inside the Democratic Party which saw the use of dirty tricks and election rigging and fraud against Sen. Bernie Sanders and the use of SUPERPAC money to fund fake protests in which staffers were paid to wear Bernie gear and attack Trump supporters and vice versa. It was also revealed that the Establishment Media Machine had aligned itself with the Clinton Campaign and the DNC to not only provide positive coverage for Hillary but also to silence criticism against her and to provide wall to wall negative coverage of Donald Trump. In a separate Hillary Clinton email leak it was revealed that George Soros had been directing Hillary while she was Secretary Of State on how she should proceed in international matters.
  George Soros had his own run in with the DC Leak Network in recent days and an entire treasure trove of documents have been released. In these documents we see evidence of George Soros funding and promoting the mass migration of refugees into European countries and we also see evidence of election manipulation and the fomentation of civil uprisings across the globe. Check this stuff out for yourself.

Search the DNC email database for yourself! #Wikileaks

  I really do recommend you take some time and look through this stuff. It really is quite interesting to see with your own eyes the actions and plans of these people. The manipulation going on right now worldwide is almost worse than I could have ever personally imagined. I've done the work of compiling some links and videos for you that further explore these leaks and issues revealed inside them. Please get yourself informed and share these links and this post with people to help spread awareness as to what is going on and how much is on the line right now. It is important that we seize this opportunity to expand the movement, 

I hope that you have found these links and videos useful and informative. Please share this post and its information with as many people as you can. We need to get as much of this information into the public conversation as possible. Every single one of us is vital in this mission. Become the change you want to see. 

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