Saturday, August 13, 2016

Operation "#HillarysHealth"

 Here we approach the question of Hillary Clinton's health. As much as the mainstream media would like to pitch the narrative that this is a "Conspiracy Theory",  there are serious questions about Hillary Clinton's mental and physical health that need to be answered. Between all the dizzy spells, the special brain trauma glasses she had to wear during the Benghazi hearings, and recent photos of her unable to hold herself up or even climb a set of stairs I think its time we gathered together some interesting articles and such to use as ammo in our information war.

(Update: article has had new leads added)

An undisclosed Secret Service source has contacted INFOWARS reporter and journalist Joe Biggs with information that the mainstream media wont touch. A quarter of a million dollars has been spent to retrofit her vehicles to be handicap accessible. She apparently has a hard time navigating stairs and can't get out of a vehicle without physical assistance.



Whenever sharing this content folks please use  #HillarysHealth and lets get it trending. Try and get this info in as many places as possible. Lets force the Mainstream Media into this conversation. Eventually they have to cover this seriously or look like the Tools they are by denouncing anyone asking serious questions.

I would never attack a person over health issues, however you can't be given control of the free world with health problems that could have an effect on your judgement. Hillary is unfit to serve as President.

Please share these articles and info!!!!

Hillary Couldn’t Even ‘Get Up’ After Exhausting Convention

Neurologist: Hillary’s “Long History of Unexplained Falls” Should be Explained


Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate? 


Pharmaceutical Exec: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease




Hillary’s medication could explain health scares


Poll: Majority of Voters Want to See Hillary Clinton’s Health Records


Hillary Collapses! Aides Rush To Keep Clinton From Falling 















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