Wednesday, December 21, 2016

CHINA Is The Real Threat, Not RUSSIA

  Leading up to, and since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States we have seen the desperation of the globalists and the left in its full glory. In the 16 months before the November Election the left frantically attempted to pain Donald Trump as an agent of the Russian Government and a buddy of Vladimir Putin. 

We saw the Mainstream Lamestream Media first claim that somehow Donald Trump would start a thermonuclear war with Russia while completely ignoring threats of military force against Russia from Vice President Joe Biden

Lets not forget that current Secretary Of State John Kerry hasn't had many good things to say about Russia. Most of it is propaganda and dishonesty. Russia has led the way along with Syria in combating the ISIS Threat.

Alex Jones of has done a great job of bringing to light a lot of the misinformation and propaganda that has been spewed about Russia's involvement in the Syria conflict. There are very few independent sources that have done as much as he has to try and bring some accountability to the current criminal administration.

And all claims that Russia somehow managed to hack the election to influence the outcome for Donald Trump have been debunked by a myriad of official sources. The Lamestream Media has been quick to ignore Hillary Clinton's own business dealings with Russia while Secretary Of State and neglect that it was through her deals that Russia now controls a portion of America's Uranium Extraction rights.

 In my personal experience researching geopolitics and global affairs I have begun to notice a pattern among the left and the globalist cabal of making villains out of their political rivals. In my opinion that is at the root of the "RussiaGate" false narrative. They are attempting to both discredit Donald Trump, and to legitimize Hillary Clinton meanwhile sowing the seeds of doubt among the general population to either prepare for immediate Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump or to possibly have Rogue elements of the CIA assassinate Donald Trump (how they did to John and Bobby Kennedy). 

As is well known, The Chinese Government is the true and actual threat against American Democracy. We know that the Communist Chinese have had a long standing relationship with the Clinton's and have gone as far as to trade Campaign Contributions for Secret Military Technology during Bill Clinton's reelection campaign. All one has to do is look into the "ChinaGate" scandal of the 90's to see the true level of treason the Clinton's 

My friends it doesn't end there, Hillary Clinton's treachery knows no bounds. She helped orchestrate and push through a trade deal with China that has led to a monumental trade gap between the United States and China that is almost a Trillion dollars! As if that wasn't bad enough she sold her influence to them for campaign contributions like her husband did. The Chinese were one of Hillary Clinton's largest foreign donors and gave hundreds of millions of dollars to her SuperPAC's. 

China gave millions in "speaking fees" to Clinton Foundation

In this article Clifford Cunningham of details how a Chinese spy managed to infiltrate the FBI and pass on sensitive information to the Chinese Government MEANWHILE the Chinese were paying huge speaking fees to Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation. She in turn approved deals that hurt the United States but largely benefited the Communist Chinese. has reported: Bill and Hillary formed their own Chinese Foundation in 2014!

Part of the reason I have provided so much information pertaining to Hillary Clinton's dealings with the Chinese is to help you better understand the reasons why Russia is being used as a diversion and why they are being tied to Donald Trump. The Communist Chinese Government has decided that Donald Trump is their number one enemy and they also have a long standing rivalry with Russia, so in an attempt to tackle both foes they have enlisted the help of the Globalist Cabal and of their Manchurian Candidate Hillary Clinton to try and dispose of both.

Originally China was promised to become the industrial hub of the world and to have free reign over all rare earth mineral extraction rights by groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and elements of the shadow government inside the State Department. Since the deal was struck however China broke the one rule they were given. "Do not interfere with trade in the South China Sea". Although they now control 98 percent of all the rare earth mineral rights across the planet they have gone back on their deal and have created a large military apparatus and have been projecting power into the South China Sea, creating many man made islands to weaponize and lay claim to vast amounts of the sea and claiming international waters as their own. They have worked so hard to infiltrate the Globalist system that they feel they can openly move in on these territories without reprisals and without any consequences. In Donald Trump, they see a clear and direct threat to their attempt of creating a large hegemonic super power. 


Here are some articles and videos that shed some light into the point I'm trying to make.

South China Sea: Satellite photos 'show weapons' built on islands

Donald Trump is very much right on the China issue. He understands that China is hell bent on creating an empire like the type it had in centuries passed. He also understands the economic warfare that has been waged by China against the entire world, and understands the need for change on how we deal with the Communist Chinese. 

Beijing vows to ignore ruling of international tribunal on South China Sea

CNBC Video of Chinese CEO acting as a SPY for the Chinese Government 

In my last article I detail how the latest Wikileaks release of Private Intelligence Firm "HBGary" show interesting insights into China's history of cyber warfare against the United States and also their penchant for using State Sponsored Hackers to infiltrate American corporations to conduct Industrial Espionage.

Clearly the threat we have to worry about these days is CHINA and not RUSSIA. Vladimir Putin has been more than reasonable in his dealings with the United States despite Obama's tendency to try and interfere in Russian affairs. The globalist cabal understands that a unified United States under Donald Trump joining forces with Russia would absolutely destroy all of the carefully laid plans they have to try and destabilize the world and buy up the pieces and install a global corporate government. We have a real opportunity to escape the grip of our Global Masters. 

The Mainstream Media which has been very critical of Donald Trump since he began the race for the White House finds itself in the position of being a propaganda mouth piece for the Globalist Establishment and has thrown out any semblance of Journalistic Integrity in the process. They have become apologists and themselves "Conspiracy Theorists" by continuing to claim that China is somehow our friend and that Russia is our mortal enemy.  They are now known as untrustworthy and have been caught in lie after lie to the point where their ratings and distribution numbers are falling through the floor. 

As Donald Trump takes office and becomes the 45th President Of the United States he has many challenges ahead of him. Luckily for the American People he is a hard working, intelligent, and carefully calculating individual that understands what he must do. He has assembled a team of people that will help bring America out of the death spiral ushered in by the Obama Administration's Globalist Masters. He understands the true threat to us that is being posed by the Chinese Communist Government who itself is trying to climb to the top of the Global Corporate Government. 

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