Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Left Is In Full Psychosis Mode

  With the inauguration of Donald Trump as 45th President Of The United States coming and going and the peaceful transition of power complete, many Trump supporters and liberty lovers thought that they could rest easy for a short while. The truth is that the Leftist Minions of the Globalist Elite have been tapped and funded and motivated to create as much chaos in the country as possible. The hope is that between the Mainstream Media's push to delegitimize President Trump's government and the Soros funded Leftist hoards will push public sentiment away from Trump and alienate him from the voter base that got him elected. In my estimation the Globalists did not expect Trump to move forward so quickly with executive action to push through his Pro-America agenda. The Mainstream Media has over played its hand and is now on the verge of utter collapse. With all this being said, now is the time for us that supported our President to stand together and prepare for an information war the likes of which have never been seen before. It is on us to keep the establishment and the globalists honest. 

My last video detailing some mainstream media social engineering
psychological warfare 

Report: CNN Caught Handing Out Questions at Cruz-Sanders Debate


California Professor Claims:

Left Destroying America


Hollywood is totally in bed with the globalists 


 The left has to resort to terror tactics to try and disrupt peaceful gatherings on Inauguration Day


Project Veritas Journalist Confronted By Feminists At Women's March 


 Alex Jones Confronts Libiot Protesters at Women's March in DC

More Liberal Insanity from The Women's March in DC


The Truth About the Berkeley Riot 

The Left Embraces Radical Authoritarian Islam
As you can see the left is descending into a psychotic state and is being controlled and manipulated by globalist instigators like George Soros. We must stay vigilant and fight this threat with information. Only raising awareness of the fact that these Leftie Libiot waves are being organized and created via Globalist Social Engineering and Psych Warfare will help us stop this. We must end the psyop attack against the American People and it is up to all of US AS AMERICANS TO FIGHT THIS THREAT.



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