Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Mainstream Media: Social Engineering and Psychological Warfare

  The Mainstream Media has become the social engineering tool that the Globalist Elite use to commit acts of psychological warfare on the American People. The majority of people are completely na├»ve to the fact that they are being psychologically manipulated into believing propaganda created by social engineers that only serve the globalist establishment. In this article I wanted to point your attention to some information that could be useful to you when trying to point out these facts to people you are trying to awaken from their slumber of ignorance.

Edward Bernays: Torches Of Liberty
Edward Bernays: Selling War
CNN Has Been Making Fake News For A Long Time Now


  The Mainstream Media has been a vehicle for mass deception and propaganda for almost 100 years now. The average American has no idea that they are being lied to on an almost constant basis.
Here is a list of "Journalists" that have been exposed as Establishment Propagandists by the Wikileaks releases.
 The Mainstream Media was exposed during the 2016 Presidential Race. They spent 16 months demonizing President Donald Trump and did everything possible to try and hand the election to Hillary Clinton. The use of doctored Polling Data, coupled with the constant barrage of character assassination attempts ended up actually helping Donald Trump and helped destroy the already failing credibility of the Mainstream Media. I covered this extensively on my YouTube Channel.
Social Engineering And Psych War In The Mainstream Media
The Mainstream Media Is Attempting To Sabotage President Trump
For Their Globalist Masters

The Mainstream Media In Its Death Throws

And we can't forget. Hillary Clinton claimed she lost the election because of "Fake News" when her campaign was the one creating all the Fake News to destroy Donald Trump.
  With the fall of the Mainstream Media, the landscape is opening up for the rise of Alternative Media. We have a real opportunity to bring down the corrupt corporate propaganda machine that the MSM has become. We have a chance now to completely free ourselves of the MSM manipulation and psychological warfare that has caused so much division and hatred in the United States. Had it not been for the Mainstream Media we would not have the issues with Race Relations that we do now, there wouldn't be rioters in the streets (which are funded by George Soros and other Globalist scum). They sell us war, division, confusion, and disinformation and it is about time that the American People said "Enough is Enough". Do not support the mainstream media by watching them, do not buy products from their advertisers, lets force them to bring objectivism and real journalism back into the Mainstream Media instead of being puppets for our globalist masters.

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